The Principal Tutors

About Mr Wynn Khoo

The IP / Sec Physics Specialist
Mr Wynn Khoo graduated from the NTU with a 2nd Class Upper Honours Bachelor Degree before joining MOE with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education(PGDE). He specialises in Physics & Principles of Accounts as part of his NIE training.  Mr Khoo is also the Vice-President of the Association of Tutors (Singapore), setup in January 2017. 

He was an ex-MOE teacher who has been teaching students from both the IP and government schools over the past 10 years. His experience in MOE and tutoring over the years has equipped him with the knowledge, skills and resources to help students ace their 'O' Levels and Integrated Programme Examination.

His Experience

Over the years, he has taught many IP students from HCI, NYGH, MGS, NJC, RGS, SCGS & ACS(I). Through the experience, he is familiar with each school's syllabus and pace which allows him to cater to the needs of each student.

What differentiates Mr Wynn Khoo from the other tutors is his personal touch and delivery of his lessons. He teaches all the classes personally and he will often extend his timing or stay back to help the weaker students to catch up without  additional charges to ensure that all of them get the deserved attention.

His resources and contacts also allows him to gather the latest Physics and POA school examination papers to ensure that his students has the advantage of getting additional exposure and practice with the most up-to-date Physics and POA questions from various schools.

Why choose Mr Wynn Khoo as your tutor?

Mr Khoo has published a Principles of Accounts assessment book in 2016 and a Physics assessment cum guidebook in 2017 based on the latest syllabus. He is currently also working on a couple more Physics and POA books to be published to help weaker students cope with Physics and POA using the additional notes and practices.  Recently, Mr Wynn Khoo was also invited to the Suntec Convention Centre Popular Bookfest 2017 to share about the differences between O/IP and A levels, giving advice to students and parents on excelling in A levels.

About Mr Jason Wu

The JC Physics Specialist


Mr Jason Wu graduated from University of Toronto (Canada) with 1st Class Honours in Electrical Engineering on Public Service Division (PSC) scholarship in 2005. He topped the Dean’s list on the graduating year. In 2000, he graduated from NIE with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE, specializing in JC Physics). His stint with MOE includes MJC and TJC. In his first 2 years in TJC, he was one of the few teachers who was promoted twice in two consecutive years due to his outstanding performance.

JC examinations has reached a stage whereby it challenges even the most rigorous and well-prepared students. GCE 'A' level examination is yet another uncharted ground for local students. There is a fine difference between the 2 examinations, and the students must be prepared for each of them to outdo the competition in school and later at the National GCE 'A' Levels Examinations.

Mr Jason Wu's close to 20 years experience in MOE and tutoring has saw him help numerous students ace their Physics 'A' Levels and Integrated-Programme Examination.

Mr Jason Wu's affable personality blessed him with the ability to connect with his students. He has a knack in making complicated concepts easily understandable and his personal touch and delivery of the lessons makes JC Physics an enjoyable subject. JC Physics has become a lot more challenging after the syllabus revision in 2007 and again in 2017 last year. For parents who have been through the Double Math and Double Science era, JC physics has evolved into a slight monster and Mr Wu believes that enrichment is now essential for your child to beat the competition in school.

Mr Jason Wu teaches all the classes personally and he can spot students who has difficulties with his eagle eye. He is also well-versed to motivate weaker students to put in their 110%.

Over the years, he has taught many IP/JC students from HCI, NYJC, RGS, MJC, TPJC, TJC, VJC, ACJC, CJC. He is familiar with each school's syllabus and pace which allows him to cater to the needs of each student.

A highlight of Mr Jason Wu's career is that he has had the opportunity to work in Public Service Division (Prime Minister’s Office) and National Research Foundation (Prime Minister’s Office). As a returning PSC scholar, he was on a panel for recruitment and interviews for other returning scholars during job applications. He understands the interview criteria for scholarship and has an in-depth knowledge of the Civil Service. During his 2 years in National Research Foundation, Mr Jason Wu attended ministerial meetings with our former President Mr Tony Tan and he is proud to have learnt and glean important insights from our leaders. Mr Jason Wu often share his experiences and knowledge with his students to inspire them and also provide guidance and advice for their future.

Many of his former students went on the route to take up scholarships and also become officers in their NS because of his encouragement.

​Mr Jason strongly believes that learning must be real and practical. Learning should be fun, tantalizing, and yet bring an overwhelming sense of achievement. He loves to balance work and play and often remind the students on the strategies to cope with the hectic JC schedule. He strives to be the inspiration of his students.


  • Singapore Public Service Commission Scholarship (Overseas)
  • 1st Class Honours in Electrical Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Dean's List, University of Toronto, Canada
  • Prime Minister's Office (Public Service Division - Scholar's recruitment / interview)
  • Prime Minister's Office (National Research Foundation)
  • Ministry of Education JC & IP Lecturer
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education, NIE, Singapore​