Intensive Physics Revision Programme for 2018 Year 4 Students

Did not do well for your end of year exams. Required to take a re-exam for IP students? Worried about the upcoming 'O' level / IP exams? Fret not, you can strengthen your Physics this Nov/ Dec Holiday with the Intensive Holiday Programme!
(Suitable for SCGS, HCI, NYGH & ther IP school students taking their re-exams / Foundation Assessments)
  • Analysis of problem areas for individual student's end of year exam paper - This will help the student and tutor understand the problem areas for each student and strengthen these areas accordingly.
  • Revision of Sec 3 Topics - Strengthening student's understanding of these topics to ensure that they regain their confidence in the subject.
  • Practice of other school examination papers to increase students' exposure to challenging questions and ability to answer questions with varying difficulties.