Students' Testimonial

  • Mr Khoo, thank you very much for always being patient in helping me clear my doubts over the Physics topics. Thank you for spending more time after the class to explain the physics concepts and to use live examples to help me understand better. With your help, the physics concept became easier to understand and my grades improved greatly from  D7 to A2.
    Jane Yap
  • Chen Wei
    I did badly for my Physics during my mid-year examinations in Secondary 3. After that, I lost interest in Physics and my Physics results did not improve in my class tests. I turned to Mr Khoo for help. Mr Khoo teaches by ensuring that I understand the physics concepts instead of forcing us to memorise. This helped me build a strong foundation in physics. I grew to like physics and continued with his tuition till I graduated. I achieved an A1 for my GCE 'O' Level.
    Chen Wei
    Bukit Panjang Government High School
  • Clarissa Tan
    I feel clearer about the Physics topics covered during our intensive revision lessons because I am exposed to more questions and I can understand the Physics topics better. The pace during the Physics tuition is comfortable.
    Clarissa Tan
    Cresent Girls' School
  • Law Li Zhe
    After Mr Khoo's tuition, I find it easier for me to understand and do the Physics questions.
    Law Li Zhe
    Fairfield Methodist Secondary School
  • Natalie Teo
    I am able to understand past Physics topics better and I am more aware of the pitfalls and the things to look out for when approaching different Physics questions.
    Natalie Teo
    Singapore Chinese Girls' School
  • Luke Loo
    I have a better understanding of the Physics concepts after the tuition as well as an improvement in my Physics results. The greater exposure to Physics questions also aid in my learning and helps me sufficiently prepare for school lessons as well as my examinations.
    Luke Loo
    Hwa Chong Institution
  • Joy Poon
    You're better than my school teacher because you see if your students understand everything!! :) Mr Khoo goes through the important concepts of the Physics topic first before letting us try the Physics practice questions. It refreshes my memory about the Physics topic and he often asks students to give him the Physics definitions etc, so he knows whether the students are clear about the Physics concepts.
    Joy Poon
    Nanyang Girls' School
  • Chng Lip Kuang
    I can clear all my doubts during the Physics tuition. Also, there is exposure to a wider range of Physics questions which are likely to come out in tests or examinations, hence making it easier to tackle them. In addition, new Physics topics are being taught earlier, which ensure that I have a stronger foundation before learning them in school.
    Chng Lip Kuang
    Hwa Chong Institution
  • Nick Foo
    The Physics tuition are interesting and there are lots of Physics exercises to do. It allows me to practise more and to understand the Physics topics better. My Physics grades have also improved from a F9 at the beginning of Sec 3 to an A2 now for my latest Mid-Year Exams in May 2015.
    Nick Foo
    Hwa Chong Institution
  • Chng Lip Kiam
    I just got back my Term 3 Test for Physics. I got an A2, 74%! It's a huge improvement from the C6 grade I got in Term 2. Ever since Term 2, I lost interest in Physics, thinking that it is a tedious subject, having to draw 'vector diagrams' that I completely do not understand. However, after attending Mr Khoo's Physics tuition, I gained a passion in Physics! I could understand what was really going on through his detailed teaching and explanations. After just a few lessons, my foundation for Physics greatly improved, resulting in huge leap in grades for my Physics test in Term 3. I benefited greatly, and had major takeaways from Mr Khoo's lesson, attaining both good grades and finding fun in Physics.
    Chng Lip Kiam
    Hwa Chong Institution
  • Nur Izzati
    I am able to build up on my foundation in Principles of Accounts through the lessons with Mr Khoo. I can concentrate better in the smaller class. The explanation that Mr Khoo provides is also simple and easy to understand :)
    Nur Izzati
    Unity Secondary School
  • Rachel Cheong
    I have gotten an A1 for my latest Mid-Year Examinations! This is a great improvement from when I first joined in August 2014 with a result of F9. Through Mr Khoo's lessons, I get to better understand the topics I am unclear of  and I also get sufficient practice from other schools' latest exam papers.
    Rachel Cheong
    West Spring Secondary School

Parents' Testimonial